Conveyor belts, bucket elevators and screw feeders

Loading, Distributor and Automation systems

EXTRACTOR BELTS:  used to extract aggregates from storage hoppers after they have been weighed. Belts between 500 and 1000

INCLINED DISTRIBUTOR BELT: used to transport aggregates towards the loading point or high points in general. There are 2 versions depending on the inclination:
 - smooth belt, up to 21° - 500 to 1000 mm wide
 - twill belt, over 21° and up to 30° - 500 to 1000 mm wide

BUCKET ELEVATORS: a valid aggregate transport solution when the point to reach is quite high and there is not enough horizontal space. BetonMec manufactures bucket elevators for all heights with capacities ranging between 11 and 105 t/H.

VOLUMETRIC BELTS: mainly for volume aggregate dosing plants with 450, 600 and 800 mm wide belts.

CEMENT TRANSPORTATION SCREWS: Tubular with an internal spiral, they are used for extractions from below the silos or cement dispensers or to load mixers or concrete mixer-trucks. Diameter between 139 and 323 mm with a capacity ranging between 10 and 120 t/h.