Concrete mixing plant accessories

Accessories and spare parts

A complete series of accessories helps our clients obtain a concrete with specific characteristics and consequently a high-quality final product (either self made, pre-stressed or simply casting concrete).

Aggregate humidity probe: installed in specific points of the mixing plant and useful to calculate the water percentage in sand - capacitive and microwave versions available.

Microwave probes for mixers: They control and regulate the quantity of water in the concrete guaranteeing a constant consistency and fluidity.

Liquid additive dosers: used to introduce in the mix the liquid chemical additives necessary to improve the workability, performance and rheological characteristics of concrete - weight or volumetric versions available.

Powder dosers: Dosing systems to introduce powders (oxides or pigments) that colour the concrete.
Hopper coverings and plugging of the plant: covering systems to protect the plant and accessories from the weather. Insulated plugging systems available for extreme climates.

Aggregate heating plant: plants used to heat the aggregates when the outside temperatures drops below 0°. Necessary for mixing plants installed in cold climates.

Sound-proof panels: sound-absorbing panels to reduce sound emissions outside the plant.

Air-conditioned control cabin: Can be placed at a certain distance. It houses the power and control panels as well as the PC with printer and desk for operators.

Automatic mixer washer: Equipped with high-pressure pump (150 bar) to eliminate concrete deposits inside the mixer for quick and easy cleaning.

Aggregate, cement and water by-pass/deviator: a system to transform the pre-packed concrete mixing system from dry (dry-loading) to wet (load after mixing).

Water storage hopper: container used to store pre-dosed water in order to increase the production capacity of the plant.

Dust reducer cabin: used to reduce dust during concrete mixers-trucks dry loading.

Cement silo filters: 13 to 24 m2 cartridge filters to reduce dust during the pneumatic loading of silos. Cement is recovered thanks to pneumatic cleaning.