Concrete distribution

Loading, Distributor and Automation systems

Air cabins:
The most advanced technological evolution for the distribution of concrete to the different preparation machines or production lines on formworks. They are controlled remotely by wireless transmitters and can follow straight paths, curves and uphill or downhill stretches. Their capacity varies between 0.5 and 2 m3 and there are two versions available - rotary barrel or with hydraulic unloading doors, both of which are perfectly suitable to transport fluid or semi-dry concrete. In addition to guaranteeing a higher production, the increased transfer speed prevents mixture segregation. They are programmed by the operation software and are able to work in perfect harmony with the concrete mixing plant and according to mixing requirements. (e.g. tube or block machine).

Concrete bucket distribution systems with a capacity ranging between 0.25 and 6 m3, hydraulic unloading door and powered at 24 V.
Remotely controlled.
Bucket truck:
Suitable for single or double buckets with a capacity of up to 2 m3 each. It moves on a ground two-rail track and it can be powered at 380 V or with 48 V batteries. It is automatically controlled by the plant software or, alternatively, it can be remote controlled. Speeds up to 120 m/min.